Are You Ready To Be Part Of The Next Olympic Rowing Team?

Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) John Walters and teammates on the US Olympic rowing team vie for the gold in the rowing-4 competition during the XXIV Olympic Games.

Whether you’re training for the Olympics, participating in high school or collegiate sports or just enjoy rowing for exercise, these are some tips to help you get better at your favorite sport. It’s fun out there on the water, and there are so many places you can enjoy your hobby. Plus, you’re going to stay in great shape!

You should know that you shouldn’t keep too hard of a grip on the oars. Yes, you have to keep hold of them, but gripping them too hard is going to wear you out. Besides simply wearing you out, you’ll be aching even more when it’s time to get back out on the water.

Remember how much

of a help your legs are when you are rowing. As a matter of fact, they’re not just a help but they do most of the hard work. This will keep your upper body from wearing out too much, and it will keep you going. Naturally, you’re legs are going to be barking when your rowing workout is over; however, you will build up as you keep getting better.

You have to remember how important it is to push back. If you accidentally push up when rowing, you’re going to lift up at times. You don’t want to be lifting up, so this will be a reminder that you need to be pushing backwards. There are all kinds of techniques like this that will help you become a better rower.

Remember as well not to bend those arms when you’re pushing back. You are supposed to push back with your legs, right? That means those arms need to be kept straight. Now it’s time to get out there and spend some time rowing on the open waters.